Introduction to Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic energy is as important for our life as air to breathe. The earth's magnetic field makes life on our planet possible. It protects the earth's surface from the charged particles of the solar wind. If the earth's magnetic field were to be "turned off", human, animal and plant life would be destroyed within a short period of time. As magnetic fields are omnipresent on our planet, our bodies have adapted themselves completely to these fields. Many of the body's processes are controlled by magnetic fields. The magnetic fields support the transportation of substances in our cells and contribute enormously to metabolic regulation. The importance of magnetic fields for our bodily functions, therefore, cannot be overestimated.

The positive effects of the earth's magnetic field on our metabolism can be impeded by our modern lifestyles with their stress and lack of exercise as well as by environmental stress. The body's natural ability to regulate itself is reduced and the susceptibility for diseases increases.

However, under the influence of external magnetic fields which ideally mimic the natural magnetic balance in the human body (such as the magnetic field systems from Medithera) the body's own regulation and regeneration mechanisms can be optimally supported. *

Milestones of Therapeutic Magnetic Field Therapy

The use of magnetic fields has a long tradition in medicine. In the ancient world, natural static magnets were used to treat illnesses. Paracelsus, the great doctor and philosopher of the 16th Century is considered the founder of modern magnetic field therapy. In 1600 the English doctor and nature philosopher William Gilbert published the first scientific document on magnetism and the human body. The use of magnetic fields achieved its first scientific climax.

Further use of therapeutic magnetic field therapy was unstoppable:

* In order to meet legal requirements, please note the following: the effectivity of magnetic field therapy is disputed by scientists and is not recognised by orthodox medicine.

Medithera Introduction Video - YouTube

How the magnetic field therapy works

Many of the processes in human metabolism are controlled or influenced by magnetic fields. Magnetic fields play an important role in the transportation of energy sources such as sugar and oxygen to our cells where they can be used as "fuel". Thus the energy vital for our metabolism is created. In particular the so-called sodium-potassium pump - a protein in the cell membrane which regulates the transport of charged particles and is responsible for the electrical charge of our cells - is controlled by magnetic fields. The sodium-potassium pump is so important for our metabolism that our body uses around a quarter of its total metabolic energy to keep the pump working.

The engineers recognised the importance of the sodium-potassium pump for the metabolism and bodily functions. During intensive research the development team discovered the precise magnetic fields - or rather the magnetic field frequencies - which activate the pump optimally. With this knowledge the team was able to develop a magnetic field system which contained the correct frequencies. The new system, which is unique worldwide, can create frequencies which are naturally (physiologically) effective and which can target and support the sodium-potassium pump and therefore the metabolism in cells and organs. In this way the body's functions and self-healing powers are optimally activated. Disorders can be gently but effectively counteracted.

Nature as a model: The Medithera Signal

The impulse-triggered Signal is at the heart of the Medithera magnetic field system. It heralds a new era in the medical use of magnetic field therapy. This special magnetic field system is based on nature and is very close to the natural physiological conditions in the organism.

These are the features of the new signal:

Help to help oneself

The magnetic field system is noted for its optimal "tuning in" to the natural processes in the human body. It does not force artificial frequencies onto the body, but rather supports the body's own mechanisms. It helps the organism to help itself.

Parkinson's Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Enhances Performance

The following effects can be achieved:

At the Cell - level:

At the organism level:

The impulse-triggered magnetic field therapy promotes well-being and relaxation and contributes to an improvement in quality of life.

Comparison - Medithera vs. MRS 2000 vs. QRS Quantron